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Barney Stinson All webistes

We start with one of most funny website - Created by one of  Barney's one-night time-stands after he claimed he was an architect named Ted Mosby. After a night of fun he left her when she was showering. She was so angry that the same night created the website . The web page additionally includes a replica of the letter that Barney left in the back of, claiming he left her because he was a ghost. - To pay to fix their slanted floor, Marshall wanted Lily to sell some of her designer clothes on a website called Lily suggested that it should instead be called, but shockingly, that website already existed.
If you check the website you will se a couple and she wears a garbage bag. Funny - Marshall distracted himself of the fact that he desperately took a job at Goliath National Bank by searching for the best burger in New York City. Aside from featuring Regis Philbin's cameo, the series also created a real GNB website that had job openings. - To celebrate not being a father, Barney decided to make up a new holiday called "Not a Father's Day." To commemorate the big day, he even invented a website dedicated to the holiday.
This website made me lough. Its worth visiting - A real website dedicated to Ted's controversial college DJ person, Doctor X. - Robin needed a job or else she was facing deportation so Barney helped her make a video resume. His own video resume was featured in the episode. - Robin one claimed that she went home with a Candian celebrity, but she left after refusing to join a Canadian sex act. The group, including Barney, researched the act to get more information that she refused to share. - Marshall made a website documenting the "best night ever" as he and Lily had a couple's night with Barney and Robin. - One of Barney's plays in the Playbook centered on the fake identity of Lorenzo Von Matterhorn. A Fake website claimed he was the "Billionaire of the Week." - The play suggested Lorenzo was featured in a fake publication called "Extremities Quarterly." - Lorenzo was supposedly the featured member in the fake publication, "The Balloon Explorers Club." - Lorenzo Von Matterhorn also had a fake website styled like Wikipedia. - Tony's movie, The Wedding Bride, was released, which made Ted look like a villain. An official website to the movie reverts visitors to the 20th Century Studios movie website. - Ted found that he received a negative review on a teacher rating website, which viewers can still visit. - As part of the Playbook, Barney pretended to be a breast reduction surgeon with a real website. - Linked to the medical website was another website for Arnie Linson, an attorney that Barney used as an alias. - While referencing the Slap Bet, Marshall revealed that he created a "Slap Bet Countdown" so Barney could expect the next hit.

HIMYM Websites No Longer Active

Season 7, Episode 23 "The Magician's Code – Part One"

Season 8, Episode 3 "Nannies"

Season 8, Episode 9 "Lobster Crawl"

Season 9, Episode 5 "The Poker Game"


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