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Barney Stinson Story

 Barney Stinson (born 1976), is one of the five important characters in How I Met Your mom, portrayed by way of Neil Patrick Harris. He first meets Ted Mosby in MacLaren's Pub in 2001 then initiates himself as a part of the group, fancying himself as Ted's best palregardless of Ted's protests. After being burned in his early Twenties by using a female friend who left him for a businessman, Barney reinvents himself as a "in shape" and a serial womanizer, who viciously rejects any form of dedication. He conducts intricate acts of seduction and often engages in casual sexbecause the collection progresses, Barney is revealed to have unresolved youth issuesespecially with his absent father, who he reconnects with in 2011. Barney's existence of debauchery wears skinny as he matures and reports numerous extreme relationships, especially his on-off courting with Robin. His complex seduction strategies are a constant supply of humor (typically for Marshall), amazement (generally for Ted), and disgust (usually for Lily) for the institutionthough maximum of his seduction performs are bloodless and imply-spiritedhe is extraordinarily being concerned closer to pals and familyoften the use of his wealth to assist them out of tight spots. he's a key player in helping Marshall and Ted locate high-paying jobs at GNB, and enables Robin stay inside the united states of america while her VISA is almost cancelled. As of final forever, Barney and Robin divorced after three years marriage (2013 - 2016), being not able to keep their dating whilst Robin's profession went global. In September 2019, Barney reveals out he turns into a father, after a one-night time stand. He speaks of happily raising his daughter whilst he attends Ted and Tracy's wedding ceremony in 2020.


Barney became born someday between 1974 and 1976 and grew up in Staten Island. In "Columns" set in 2007, Barney offers his age as 31 further confirming his delivery 12 months is 1976. In "The inebriated train" Marshall states Barney is a Scorpio which locations his birthday among October 23 - November 21, 1976.

Barney was raised via his unmarried mom, Loretta Stinson, along with his older 1/2-brother, James. As children, James and Barney could regularly ask their mother why they have been of different races (James is black), but she could lie or exchange the problem. Barney frequently asked who his father became. In a bid to get him to forestall asking, she could claim it turned into television display host Bob Barker, leaving Barney distracted by way of this possibility for years. On 23 July 1981, Barney's biological father, Jerome Whittaker, took Barney to the country wide history Museum, below the guise "Uncle Jerry". Then six-yr-vintage Barney knocked down the blue whale hung from the museum's ceiling via throwing a triceratops' rib at it. when they again domestic, Loretta turned into livid. Barney become advised Jerry moved away completely. The final phrases his uncle told him before he left have been "in no way prevent partying".

in the course of his childhood, Barney changed into continuously lied to by his mother to defend his feelings; as an example Barney become instructed by way of his mom that he couldn't play basketball due to the fact he became too accurate, and it wasn't fair for the opposite youngsters, but in reality, his train knew Barney wasn't appropriate enough for the group. Barney changed into not a popular child and become picked on. In seventh grade, Barney was bullied by way of Matthew Panning, who bragged about how he had intercourse with one hundred girls. In reaction, Barney informed Matthew Panning that he could in the future sleep with two hundred girls, a promise he sooner or later fulfills, an awful lot to grownup Matthew's disgust. As Barney grew up inside the town, he by no means learned a way to drive and changed into terrified to accomplish that. It changed into discovered within the bounce, that Barney had confessed to Lily at some point that, in his formative years, he'd desired to become a violinist.


In 1998, Barney had graduated college and changed into working with his lady friend, Shannon, in a coffee shop. Barney had grown as much as be a hippie. He had planned to enroll in the Peace Corps and go to Nicaragua with Shannon. They monitor they deliberate to lose their virginity to one another handiest when they got married. After Shannon did not show up for his or her departure to Nicaragua, Barney returns to the espresso shop. while she sees he is lower back, she tells him that her father, who was still financially helping her, would not allow her to depart and advised him to move on with out her. As Barney changed into leaving, he decided to go back to the espresso save to try persuade her one greater time. when he returns, he observed she changed into cheating on him with a businessman named Greg, who Barney had formerly served as a consumer, and who humiliated him for being a hippie. Greg tells Barney the important thing to selecting up women is to have cash and suits. Heartbroken, Barney films himself making a song a song to convince Shannon to take him returned, however she and Greg retain to humiliate him. Barney runs from the espresso store distraught. As he walks alone crying, he's given a brochure approximately a match sale. He adapts his get dressed style and dating personality to match that of Greg's, the man who took Shannon faraway from him. At an unknown time between 1998 and 2001, Barney quits his task on the espresso store and will become an worker of AltruCell organization, a tremendously corrupt enterprise, even as secretly operating as an insider for the FBI. His paintings as a plant ends in Greg being arrested.

Barney gets recommendation from James

Barney goes to James for advice, someday after dropping Shannon. James tells Barney that he desires to lose his virginity and shows that he loses it to their mom's forty five-12 months-vintage buddy Rhonda French, who might continuously speak approximately the men she slept with in front of them and had the nickname "the person Maker". Barney slept with Rhonda, dropping his virginity on the age of 23.


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